Travel Clinic

Spruce Pro Travel clinic is run by Travel experts at Spruce Pro Pharmacy.
It’s your one stop travel health solution in Spruce Grove.
We provide Pre-travel consultation, prescribing vaccinations/medications needed, performing the injections and filling any travel prescriptions needed.
You can also pick up travel related retail items and Over-The-Counter medications.
Our Travel Health experts have received extensive training and work experience, they are up to date with the latest travel health news or alerts which help them to determine a specific plan to keep you safe and healthy while you are away.
We will also provide educational information specific to your destination to help you stay safe and reduce your risk of getting sick.
Direct billing is available for any drug plans to save you the hassle of sending in your receipts.
No hidden pricing!
No consultation fees!!!


Pre-Travel Questionnaire

Please complete this Pre-Travel questionnaire and submit it. We will review this information which will save you much time when you visit!
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